Search our database of over 600 health and wellbeing activities in UK museums. You can search by project type, target audience, museum or location.

In this section you will find a list of museum and wellbeing project Case Studies and our Evidence Library listing literature related to museum and wellbeing projects.

We have compiled a Glossary of health terms for museums to help navigate NHS, healthcare and commissioning jargon. A further resource that clarifies terminology is the World Health Organisation’s Glossary of Terms for Community Health Care and Services for Older Persons. The NHS has also produced a Public health glossary.

We teamed up with the British Association for Music Therapy to produce a brief how-to-guide for music therapists on collaborating with museums to support health and wellbeing.

Aesop Marketplace is like an online dating site. It matches health decision-makers with relevant arts in health programmes in an attractive and time-efficient way. The 24 programmes here can be filtered by NHS region and four health topics.

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