The projects below are alphabetically listed.

Disability Co-operative Network

A network is for museums, art galleries and other cultural venues to seek and share knowledge to break down social barriers. The network is not exclusively for the Heritage and Culture Sector; it welcomes input from the health and wider art sector as well. More information here.

Diversity in Heritage

The Diversity in Heritage Group is a professional network founded in 2009 which champions practice in diversity and equality, audience development, social justice, community engagement, and participation.

Evergreen gardeners at The Geffrye, Museum of the home

Using the museum gardens as inspiration, this monthly club for isolated and vulnerable older adults and their carers aims to encourage lifelong learning, reconnect people with the natural world and contribute to each individual’s sense of well-being. Activities are carefully designed so they are accessible for people with physical and sensory disabilities; content varies from planting, growing and baking, to ceramics, printing and other garden-related arts and crafts. Download the Activity Pack here.

FLIGHT-Tate Modern 

Celebrate World Mental Health Day at Tate Modern. More information here.

Happy Museum

A wide range of projects across the UK with an interest in environment, wellbeing, inclusion and happiness! More, including a list of commissioned projects, here.

Living Room Artist Residencies

Care Homes to commission professional artists to produce new contemporary artworks during 3-6 month residencies at their care settings. Artists visit the care homes for half-day sessions where they engage staff and residents in the work they are producing while working on the creation of the commissioned piece. While the artist will have an initial outline idea of what they want to create, the work will be produced in response to where it was made and will reflect experiences, interests and needs of care home residents and staff. The resulting artwork will form new displays which engage and enrich the living spaces and environments of participating care homes. More here.

Music Reawakening

Musicianship and access for dementia – The way forward. The Trustees of Arts 4 Dementia announce the publication of Music Reawakening: Musicianship and Access for Early to Mid Stage Dementia – The Way Forward, published on World Alzheimer’s Day 2015. The report presents:

-Music as rehabilitation for people affected by dementia
-Integration of artistic stimulation into the Dementia Care Pathway.

For more information on the project, the report and how it relates to museums and galleries, please click here.

T’ai chi on the Terrace at the Roman Baths in Bath

Wake up early on Tuesdays to invigorate both mind and body with some gentle exercise overlooking a World Heritage site. Come rain or shine, classes take place on the Terrace of the Roman Baths and Pump Room complex. More here.

Wolverhampton Conversation Clubs

Conversation Clubs are based on the concept of encouraging older people to get together for a good conversation. A facilitator uses items based upon a specific theme, from the Gallery’s handling collection as a way of gently easing people into a conversation and talking to each other. People can come and just listen, they can contribute items themselves to talk about or they can initiate conversations and suggest ideas for future conversations. This is a an example of a successful partnership between Wolverhampton Museum & Art Gallery and Creative Health CIC, and how the museum can become and active commissioner. For access to the full report on the project, please click here.