A beginner’s guide to partnerships and commissioning – A short guide for museums and galleries interested in approaching the health sector in the UK for partnerships and commissioning. Written by the National Alliance for Museums, Health and Wellbeing.

Alternative Guide to the New NHS – An animation produced by The Kings Fund, explaining recent changes to the organisation of the NHS.

Arts fundraising – Training, events, ideas and networking.

Arts and Cultural Commissioning toolkit – Practical advice and learning from people and organisations in Kent who piloted commissioning for wellbeing in 2014.

Engaging with public service commissioning opportunities: Case Study Effervescent – A helpful case study from the art sector, with tips on approaching commissioners and partners.

Funding Central – A free searchable tool of funding sources for voluntary organisations and social enterprises (registration required).

Joining together on things to do with being healthy and feeling well – An easy read guide – A no-jargon guide created by the Department of Health, just as Health and Wellbeing Boards in English councils where about to start formulating.

Navigating the Health Landscape in England: A guide for the voluntary sector working in the criminal justice system – This guide sets out to ‘provide an overview
of the health commissioning landscape, explaining the roles of organisations with direct
commissioning responsibilities as well as key organisations in a commissioning support role’.

NHS Commisioning guide – A quick, visual NHS commissioning guide.

Practical guide to engaging with clinical commissioning groups – A useful guide for those who wish to seek support from their local NHS trusts. Written by Compact Voice.

Practical guide to engaging with health and wellbeing boards – A useful guide for those who wish to seek support from their local councils. Written by Compact Voice.

Options for integrated commissioning – A comprehensive guide on the alternatives. Emphasis on chapter 6 where integrated commissioning has already been implemented. A useful overview of commissioning structures in Scotland.

Understanding commissioning: A practical guide for the culture and sport sector – A guide for people in the culture and sport sector that will help them to understand strategic commissioning in public services and effective community engagement.

Understanding the new NHS: A guide for everyone working and training within the NHS – A post-CCG guide on NHS structure. A very useful flowchart on p. 8, on healthcare funding allocation.

The Cultural Commissioning Programme works with the arts and cultural sector, commissioners and policy makers to strengthen commissioning of arts and culture, to deliver better outcomes for people and communities. The website includes a range of new resources for arts and cultural organisations and public service commissioners – of particular interest to museums will be the Cultural Commissioning in Practice section.